Dear leaders, please come up with a solution beyond playing war-war

Dear leaders, please come up with a solution beyond playing war-war

Dear friends,

By Padmini Kumari

By Padmini Kumari

I might sound like a nut right now and I would like to say sorry in advance if I hurt anyone’s sentiments. First let me introduce myself. I am Padmini Kumari, daughter of Thakur Man Singh Kanota, granddaughter of Thakur Mohan Singh Kanota and Colonel Mahendar Singh Chomu who commanded 4th Kumaon and 13th Kumaon, fought in the 1971 Bangladesh war. Great-grand daughter of Thakur Amar Singh Kanota, an Imperial Cadet Corps general who fought for India in First World War. Does this make me Indian enough?

But there is another side of me, mother of Bhawar Vishwaraj Singh Sodha, wife of Kanwar Karni Singh Sodha, daughter-in-law of Rana Hamir Singh Sodha and grand daughter-in-law of Rana Chander Singh Sodha of Umarkot in Tharparkar, Sindh – the only Hindu principality in Pakistan. Does this make me Pakistani enough?

My answer to this is, I am “Indipaki”. Trust me, I have seen best of both worlds in India and Pakistan, and I have no wish to see worst. And there are many “Indipaki” and “Pakindi” who would agree with me when I say we want peace. Because human rights abuse cases whether in Kashmir or Balochistan make us feel insecure.

Why do we feel insecure? Because we are seen from a different eye. We are asked questions about things we don’t know. I don’t know who was the mastermind behind attacks in Pulmawa or Uri. I don’t know who was the mastermind behind attacks in Peshawar or Karachi or Balochistan. And I don’t want to know, because no one is asking me before doing anything.

All I know is we are born out of one soil. And we should be united as humans across borders. And if Kashmir wants to be independent then India and Pakistan should let them be independent.

My friend in India asked me this morning, “How are you feeling?” I didn’t reply.

Her next message was, “You should be happy that India did a strike on Pakistan”.

Again, I did not reply. Because I was writing this peace letter which I am not sure how many people will read. Coming back to the point, my answer to Jayantika and everyone else who asked me is, I can’t be happy, I am not happy. What should I be happy about? The fight is between two countries and both are very dear to me. I will never be happy seeing my brothers fight.

In the end I want to say to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji: you went to Fiji to wish for prosperity for Hindus. There are around 80 lakh Hindus in Pakistan. Please think about us also, how your actions might affect us.

I want to appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan also to be restrained – all eyes are on you.

Both prime ministers and their teams should think with a cool head

Now some of you might say, all this is ok what about the people who got killed? I condemn it. Everyone deserves to live.

But my dear brothers and sisters, I am trying to say someone has to end it. The people who are sitting and deciding in both countries that, let’s play war-war… I am sure those who are running the country have more brains than I have. They should come up with a solution.

I hope and pray that we end all this like North and South Korea did.

Please, please, please. I don’t want to see my cousin who just joined the army going to war.

Thank you for reading.


Padmini Kumari

Padmini Kumari of the Kanota royal family of Jaipur is married to Kanwar Karni Singh of the Sodha royal family of Umarkot, Sindh. She is a descendant of erstwhile Jaipur state force commander General Amar Singh.

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