A poem for humanity

Manzar: 1947 aur ab Wo manzar kabhi na dekha maine Na dekhne ki koi gunjaaish hai Bohot suna, paRha hai uske mut’alliq Itna ke lagta hai, na...

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Dedicated to Rekhta

Interview with Sanjiv Saraf — a crusader of Urdu in India Sanjiv Saraf is a leading businessman of India. Originally from Rajasthan, he was born in...

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Time to start a SAARC youth movement

The experiences of a Pakistani meeting an Indian… a follow up to the piece earlier published by the Indian meeting Pakistanis and singing...

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Kya Mumbai! Kya Karachi!

Musings from a meeting in Nepal “Out beyond ideas of right doings and wrong doings, there is a field. I will meet you there. When the soul lies...

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In Humanity’s Name

Pakistan repatriates minor as a goodwill gesture In a welcome move, the Pakistani authorities on May 1 repatriated a minor schoolboy hailing from the...

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Joint editorial statement, Jang Group and Times of India, 1 January, 2010

Peace between India and Pakistan has been stubbornly elusive and yet tantalizingly inevitable. This vast subcontinent senses the bounties a peace dividend can deliver to its people yet it recoils from claiming a share. The natural impulse would be to break out of the straitjacket of stated positions and embrace an ideal that promises sustained prosperity to the region, yet there is hesitation.

Conversation Series

When alienation melts away When alienation melts away

The concluding part of an online cross-border discussion between two young people, Gaurav Chavan in Mumbai and Ramsha Jahangir in...

Video Gallery

Three old friends return to their land of birth – Geo TV report Three old friends return to their land of birth – Geo TV report

Whatever the governments of India and Pakistan do, the people of both countries share an emotional bond that is hard to break. A...


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