Pakistani fashion permeates Indian wardrobes

A look at the incredible absorption of Pakistani styles into everyday India over the last few years The Indian apparel retail industry, like any...

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A poem for humanity

 Written after the horrific incident at Dadri in India where an enraged mob killed a man who allegedly injured their religious sentiments by...

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HAPPENINGS…Promoting dialogue, one event at a time

Prominent activists, academics and journalists will address a seminar on “Pakistan, India and Kashmir – Peace Talks: Why War Is Not An...

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One by two in Norway

Two young people in Norway of Pakistani and Indian origin make a short film on the cultural similarities between their countries of origin Aman...

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Re-shaping identity across borders… Not what the media led us to expect

Some unexpected discoveries by a group of 45 Pakistani students on a six-week long visit to India to experience the arts and culture and meet...

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Joint editorial statement, Jang Group and Times of India, 1 January, 2010

Peace between India and Pakistan has been stubbornly elusive and yet tantalizingly inevitable. This vast subcontinent senses the bounties a peace dividend can deliver to its people yet it recoils from claiming a share. The natural impulse would be to break out of the straitjacket of stated positions and embrace an ideal that promises sustained prosperity to the region, yet there is hesitation.

Conversation Series

When alienation melts away When alienation melts away

The concluding part of an online cross-border discussion between two young people, Gaurav Chavan in Mumbai and Ramsha Jahangir in...

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