Why pray for your neighbour’s peace and wellbeing?

Why pray for your neighbour’s peace and wellbeing?

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By Swati Sharan

By Swati Sharan

In this journey of working towards peace between Pakistan and India, many of us may have been confronted with questions about why we should pray for the other country’s well-being. I heard an articulate response from my guru Swami Shivkrupanand’s wife Guruma.

She was talking to us at their ashram in Dandi, Gujarat this past winter. During her impromptu discourse, she spoke about how, while it was good to appreciate how safe you feel in your life, it is also important to pray for the wellbeing of your neighbours, and your neighbouring states or countries.

meditationThere may be issues of terrorism or migration because of another country’s instability. But when someone next to you is sad, it’s hard to remain content. That is why it is important to pray for the wellbeing of all, in your immediate surroundings, in the region, and beyond. In fact, it is important to share and learn from one another through cross-border exchanges – something that wellbeing all around will help facilitate.

As Guruma began to take our leave, I told her that she had addressed a query I had been struggling with. I said I would like to write this for Aman ki Asha. Initially a bit surprised, she smilingly explained how it’s easier to change the views of younger people rather than older people who may have seen bloodshed from Partition and may be more bitter (though this is not always the case).

WorldPeaceThen with an unwavering confidence and prophetic tone, she said, “The barriers of the Wagah border will fall one day just like the Berlin Wall did.” This is not to suggest doing away with man-made borders that have come to define the world, but to advocate for soft borders as in the European Union, allowing for ease of travel and movement. Let’s hope, work, and pray for that day soon.

In the meantime, Guruma is inviting one and all to join her and Swami Shivkrupanand for the Global Online Meditation Event on June 21 at 8:45 p.m. IST, online at this link. They hope to make this the largest global online meditation for world peace.


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