Intellectuals, activists launch book for India-Pakistan peace

Bookshelf Pursuit of Peace – Indo-Pak Relations Anthology of essays Editor: O.P. Shah Published by the Centre For Peace & Progress...

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OP Nayyar and Geeta Dutt: The incomplete song

Remembering OP Nayyar Born January 16, 1926, Lahore. Died January 28, 2007, Mumbai “Love is blind, but for me it had also become deaf,” confessed...

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Hindu pilgrims visit Pakistan, Muslim delegation for India late January

An international delegation of 200 Hindu pilgrims in Pakistan for a four-day religious tourism visit departed this week after performing religious...

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“Growing up, growing together”: Activists across South Asia resolve to continue working for a better tomorrow

 Commemorating Human Rights Day, the founding of SAARC, and 50 years of Bangladesh’s independence, Sapan discussion highlights the commonality of...

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Married across an intractable border: Rajput Sodhas plead for visas

This is the story of Ganpat Singh from Pakistan’s Sodha Rajput community of less than half a million. Like him, each member of this community has...

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Feminise to Humanise:

The Universe of Violence against South Asia’s Women By Lubna Jerar and Priyanka Singh What South Asia needs is a feminisation of politics and...

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Pakistan repatriates 20 Indian fishermen, over 300 more remain in prison

On Monday Nov. 15, Pakistan released 20 Indian fisherfolk lodged in in Landhi jail, Karachi. From the coastal city, the released men were transported...

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How climate change is linked to the tragedy of a Bengali-Pakistani fisherman incarcerated in India

The tragedy of a fisherman who died of Covid-19 while imprisoned in India, far from his family in Karachi, highlights the link between geopolitics...

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Three months after death, Pakistan fisherman’s body finally reaches home

Amir Hamza, a Pakistani fisherman arrested in Indian waters by coast guards around four years ago, was lodged in a prison at Bhuj in Gujarat. While...

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Undaunted by temple attack, Pakistani Hindu stuck in India with three children yearns to return home

A Pakistani Hindu stuck in India with three children after his wife died in April is pleading with the authorities to let him return to before...

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Joint editorial statement, Jang Group and Times of India, 1 January, 2010

Peace between India and Pakistan has been stubbornly elusive and yet tantalizingly inevitable. This vast subcontinent senses the bounties a peace dividend can deliver to its people yet it recoils from claiming a share. The natural impulse would be to break out of the straitjacket of stated positions and embrace an ideal that promises sustained prosperity to the region, yet there is hesitation.

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When alienation melts away When alienation melts away

The concluding part of an online cross-border discussion between two young people, Gaurav Chavan in Mumbai and Ramsha Jahangir in...

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