Women authors, Partition stories, and shared histories

As India and Pakistan mark 76 years of independence from British rule and simultaneous Partition, a look at the intertwined stories and work of three...

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Pakistani woman and brother left behind in India meet for the first time, 76 years after Partition

LUDHIANA: A Pakistani woman hugged her Indian brother and broke into tears after an agonising 74 years of separation on Sunday evening at the...

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How Noshaba became a bridge for Indians with roots in Pakistan

Last July, 90-year-old Reena Chhibber Varma stood in front of a sprawling bungalow in Rawalpindi’s College Road. It was the family home...

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Stars behind the clouds: 20 OP Nayyar classics that never made it to the cinema

 Although never seen, these ghost songs still shine bright, testifying to a musical genius who was born in Lahore, 16 January 1926, and died in...

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Demands revived in India to rename Saadat Hasan Manto’s birth village after him

Both Pakistan and India claim the great Urdu short story writer Saadat Hasan Manto, born in undivided Punjab  on 11 May 2012, in a village that...

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Dying to live

Following the catastrophic floods in Pakistan, an Indian-origin volunteer physician based in America shares personal experiences of working with...

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Music without borders: A journey of discovery and blissful immersion

As the year comes to a close, an Indian transplant to the Boston area reflects on connections with home through music from Pakistan I had long known...

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Taangh, hockey Olympian Nandy Singh’s story delves into bittersweet nostalgia

By Neel Kamal Bathinda: Emotions run high when a daughter turns into filmmaker to document the moments of her father’s achievements as well as his...

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From the Philippines to Dubai and beyond, a groundbreaking platform for educators provides new ways to collaborate

A three-year-old storytelling competition for teachers illustrates how education, like medicine, transcends borders and religious divides By Nadra...

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On eve of 75th independence anniversary, peace pilgrims from Pune bring message of love to Pakistan

By Beena Sarwar and Priyanka Singh un ka jo farz hai wo ahl-e-siyasat jaanen mera paigham mohabbat hai jahan tak pahunche (Let politicians do what...

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Joint editorial statement, Jang Group and Times of India, 1 January, 2010

Peace between India and Pakistan has been stubbornly elusive and yet tantalizingly inevitable. This vast subcontinent senses the bounties a peace dividend can deliver to its people yet it recoils from claiming a share. The natural impulse would be to break out of the straitjacket of stated positions and embrace an ideal that promises sustained prosperity to the region, yet there is hesitation.

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When alienation melts away When alienation melts away

The concluding part of an online cross-border discussion between two young people, Gaurav Chavan in Mumbai and Ramsha Jahangir in...

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