A poem for peace

A poem for peace

By Aasam Kiani

By Aasam Kiani

By Aasam Kiani

English translation by Bhatta Som

Geo aur Jeenay do
Live and let live

Kon rom skta h raasta mohabbat ka
Char soo chala jaye qafla mohabbat ka

Who can stop the progression of love?
the caravans of love are everywhere

Nafrton ki kokh se nafrtain janm lain gi
Mohabbton se he ho ga rabta mohabbat ka

Hatred alone is born of hatred’s womb
and love alone will be related to love

AKA poem Aasam KianiHar tarf he mehkain gi pyar ki baharain phir
Aik bar chal nikle silsila mohabbat ka

The spring perfume of love will be everywhere
once the train of love is set in motion

Pyar ke sandese aik doosre ko bhejain hum
Pyar le ke aye phir Dakiya mohabbat ka

Let us send messages of love to one another
may the messenger of love bring us love

Sub hi pyar ke naghme aao mil ke likhain hum
Kar dia ada maine qarz tha mohabbat ka

Let us all write songs of love together
this is how I repay the debt of love

Aman se Geo tum bhi aur hum ko jeenay do
Fakhr se buland kar do sir zra mohabbat ka

English translation by Bhatta Som

English translation by Bhatta Som

Live in peace and let me live in peace
raise the head of love high with pride

Nafrton ki teergi mil ke khatm karni h
Aao… Sub jalayein hum ik dia mohabbat ka

We have to end the darkness of hatred
come, let us light together the lamp of love

Aasam, Aman ki asha ka pegham do subko
Aao geet likhain hum aman ka Mohabbat ka

Aasam, spread Aman ki Asha’s message to all
Let us all write songs of peace and love

Aasam Kiani is a civil surveyor and poet in Pakistan. In India, Bhatta Som works with a corporation and is a literary lover who has learnt Urdu.

3 thoughts on “A poem for peace

  1. qamar kiani

    asim kiani is a perfect poet of true Love & relations. he teaches me a lot in every field of life
    and mr,bhatta you also did a great job
    wishes & prayers of both of you.
    & at the end is just send my own lines for both countries …
    بجز اسکے نہیں کچھ پاس میرے
    !!محبت ھوں محبت بانٹتا ھوں

  2. nahal sameer

    u should make poems on peace between india and pakistan due to the fights between both the countries
    these days


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