Aman Conference a ‘unique, refreshing experience’

Aman Conference a ‘unique, refreshing experience’

By Munawar Hasan

LAHORE: Indian delegates, who are on a visit to Pakistan, have termed their participation in 2nd Aman Ki Asha Economic Conference a unique and refreshing experience.

They said the conference, which concluded in the historic city of Lahore on Tuesday, had opened new vistas for strengthening ties between the two neighboring countries. Talking to The News, Vikram Singh Mehta, one of the top Indian businessmen and Chairman Shell India, said proceedings of conference had been productive in terms of understanding views of different personalities besides evolving general consensus over fortifying trade relations between India and Pakistan. This useful interaction would help consolidate efforts to build friendship between two nations.

Vijay Thakur, Director Confederation of Indian Industry, said Lahore looked like a city of India. There is nothing strange or unfamiliar thing here; every corner of the city offers exciting sight seeing for visitors.

Unlike image in the media, there is immense sense of peace and tranquility here in the city of Lahore, he said and added that he was out in the streets of city till late night without any fear. About deliberations of conference, he said, ties between the two nations were bound to grow as foundation in this regard had been laid down.

D.P. Singh, Head Sales SBI Fund, also expressed excitement and enthusiasm about his stay in Lahore. He said that he had never seen any unfamiliar thing in the city. He said Lahore had a lot of things to offer to its visitors.

Talking about sustainability of improved relations between India and Pakistan, he made it clear that new generation were fed up with rivalry and animosity. They wanted peace, he asserted. Therefore, he maintained, the future of good relations between India and Pakistan was bright.

Babu Khan, Director Confederation of Indian Industry, shared his visit to the markets on The Mall and fabulous visit to the Fort. He also termed Lahorites affectionate and loving people. Referring to interaction during conference proceeding, he said, it was very much positive. He said there were great opportunities in pharmaceutical sector in India. Companies from both sides of borders are establishing contacts for enhancing manufacturing base as well as selling their products, he said.

It all depends on both nations how they can build the momentum in this regard, he observed. Nupinder Singh Sivia, Vice President Zanders said people of India and Pakistan had started their journey towards improving relations.

The journey, he added, would ultimately reach at its destination. He hoped that the ties between the two nations would be warm, as they had almost the same culture. He also shared his emotional memories of visit to the religious sites in Lahore.

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