Artists call on Indo-Pak easy visas, joint film making

Artists call on Indo-Pak easy visas, joint film making

KARACHI: The people from the glitzy world lauded the joint venture “Aman ki Asha” by Jang Group and Times of India and termed it as the ‘need of time’.

Talking to Jang, Actor Mustafa Qureshi said Pakistan is a peaceful nation and deems the same for their neighbours, adding he urged on the amicable fraternity between the two countries with easy visas on equality basis.

He stressed on the Indian government and people to acknowledge the reality of Pakistan and respect Pakistani nation in a bid to reciprocate the same from Pakistan.

Qureshi wants the two Groups of Newspapers based in the two countries to pave the way for the resolution of Kashmir issue, so that contentious issues between the countries may be resolved.

Actress Reema said while talking to Jang that this is an excellent effort, adding peace should be given a chance, as this would entail benefit to both the countries.

The actress said Islam gives message of peace, especially the neighbours should not fall out with each others, adding the time necessitates making friends, as the people in both the countries do not want war.

We should jointly make films on cultural affairs, she said maintaining Pakistani music is liked in India.

Reema suggested Indian artists should work in Pakistani films, so that Pakistani films are given a much-needed boost.

While talking to Jang, Actress Resham said the work for peace is highly important and the Jang is performing a national obligation.

Actor Nadeem said a row between two neighbours is never good whether they are neighbours in a street or two neighbouring countries, adding Pakistan and India are the two countries where the kith and kin of one are living in the other country.

He underscored the need for vigilant eye on those who want to disrupt the peace of the region by spurring the differences between the two countries.

Compere Moeen Akhtar said the people in the two countries need to understand that their mutual differences are buttressing the agenda of those forces who do not want progress for the two nations.

He said both the countries are awash with terrorism; however, the peace there would usher a new era of prosperity and terrorism will be abolished, adding peace and calm is the need of time in both the countries.

Akhtar urged artists, literati, journalists and poets in the two countries to come forward to play their role for the purpose.

Actress Sana said the Jang took up a most sought-after step on time to boost peace, adding all the artists are with the Jang in its efforts for peace.

Directress, filmmaker and actress Sangeeta said the Jang took up a very good step, adding she went to India many times and met several people related with the film industry. She said the people there want peace in the two countries.

Actor Saud said nobody wants animosity and all of us Pakistanis are eager for peace, so that the country may make progress with better economy, adding Aman ki Asha is a very nice venture and we artists fully support it.

Wishing well for Aman ki Asha, Qaisar Nizamani said it is an appreciable move and the artists as well as common men should take part in this.

TV artist Shabbir Jaan said the Jang and Times of India should hold a referendum in this connection to assess the popularity of the move in the two countries, adding the referendum results would disappoint the opportunists and hatred-mongers in both the countries.

Comedian Kashif Khan said he visited India several times with a lot of encouragement there, adding handful of biased people are found everywhere; but, the peace-loving people are more in number, anyhow.

Comedian Ali Hasan and Irfan Malik said Pakistani artists are valued in India, adding they cannot forget their memories of India.

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