Indian, Pakistani students and staff at Harvard demand peace

Indian, Pakistani students and staff at Harvard demand peace

Over 140 Indian and Pakistani students, faculty members and staff at Harvard University have issued a statement calling for lasting peace between India and Pakistan and urged both governments, citizens and the media to support a de-escalation of tensions between the two nuclear-armed South Asian neighbours.

Full text of the statement below.

We are a group of Indian and Pakistani students, staff, and faculty of Harvard University who add our voices to the call for a de-escalation of the tensions between India and Pakistan.

Having had the opportunity to interact with people from our neighbouring country, we are constantly reminded of our shared history, heritage, and culture. We are alike in our shared desire for long term peaceful relations between our two countries.

We call upon our national media to report responsibly and resist from warmongering during this tense time.

We urge our fellow citizens to exercise restraint and not call for escalating retribution.

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We demand our elected representatives work towards long-term resolution of conflict, rather than short term electoral gains.

We hope our governments explore all options of diplomacy, and not put further civilian and military lives at risk.

We stand in solidarity for peace.

  1. Salil Shetty, Bengaluru, Fellow, Carr Centre, Harvard Kennedy School
  2. Afreen Siddiqui, Adjunct Lecturer Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
  3. Vinay Nagaraju, Fellow, Carr Center for Human Rights, India, Harvard Kennedy School
  4. South Asian Engagement Forum, a Student Organisation at Harvard Kennedy School
  5. Pakistan Student Caucus, a Student Organisation at Harvard Kennedy School
  6. Harvard Pakistan Students Group, Harvard University
  7. Pakistan Student Association, Harvard College
  8. South Asia ConnectED, Harvard Education School
  9. South Asia Association, Harvard College
  10. Shah Faesal, Jammu and Kashmir, Harvard Kennedy School
  11. Asad Palijo, Karachi, Harvard Kennedy School
  12. Saif Ul Haq, Islamabad, Harvard Kennedy School
  13. Inayat Sabhikhi, Delhi, Harvard Kennedy School
  14. Naeha Rashid, Islamabad, Harvard Kennedy School
  15. Neha Bansal, India, Harvard Kennedy School
  16. Vishnu Rajeev, Kerala, Harvard Kennedy School
  17. Kaveri Iychettira, Bengaluru, Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School
  18. Munmun Biswas, India, Harvard Kennedy School
  19. Asad Liaqat, Pakistan, Harvard Kennedy School
  20. Niharika Narendra Singh, India, Harvard Kennedy School
  21. Vikas Birhma, Jhajjar, Haryana, Harvard Kennedy School
  22. Sanjana Rajgarhia, Mumbai, Harvard Kennedy School
  23. Mathangi Swaminathan, India, Harvard Kennedy School
  24. Aisha Iqbal, Pakistan, Harvard Kennedy School
  25. Preeti Pratishruti Dash, India, Harvard Law School
  26. Muhammad Ahmad, Pakistan, Harvard Medical School
  27. Waqar Khan, Pakistan, Harvard Business School
  28. Haider Ali, Pakistan, Harvard Business School
  29. Muhammad Ali, Pakistan, Harvard Kennedy School
  30. Zahra Zaheer, Pakistan, Graduate School of Education
  31. Badar Dar, Pakistan, Harvard Business School
  32. Laila Tauqeer, Pakistan, Harvard College
  33. Ammar Waraich, Faisalabad, Pakistan, Harvard Kennedy School
  34. Muhammad Qasim Chattha, Islamabad, Harvard Divinity School
  35. Neetisha Besra, India, Harvard Kennedy School
  36. Rridhee Malhotra, Delhi, India, Harvard Kennedy School
  37. Kirtika Singh, India, Harvard Kennedy School
  38. Ghazi Taimoor Mirza, Pakistan, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  39. Radhika Kapoor, India, Harvard Law School
  40. Shovan Shah, Mumbai, Harvard Graduate School of Design
  41. Vikram Srinivas, Bangalore, India, MPA/ID, Harvard Kennedy School
  42. Rahul Gandhi, MD, MPH, MBA, India, Harvard School of Public Health
  43. Karan Saharya, New Delhi, Harvard Graduate School of Design
  44. Devashish Chandra, India, Harvard Kennedy School
  45. Noopur Sen, India, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Law School
  46. Ashrutha Rai, Bangalore, India, Harvard Law School
  47. Muhammad Khisal Ahmed, Islamabad, Pakistan, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  48. Viveka Rajagopal, Chennai, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  49. Faryal Khan, Ed.D., Isakhel, Pakistan, Visiting Practitioner, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  50. Ameek Singh, India, Harvard Kennedy School
  51. Zainab Tariq, Karachi, Pakistan, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  52. Saeb Ali Khan, Hyderabad, India, Harvard Graduate School of Design
  53. Ahmed Farooq, Pakistan, Harvard Law School
  54. Tanya Kant, India, Graduate School of Education
  55. Nafees Ahmed, Swat, Pakistan, Harvard Kennedy School
  56. Muhammad Ali Khan, Lahore, Pakistan, Harvard Kennedy School
  57. Annapurna Ayyappan, India, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  58. Anushka Siddiqui, Delhi, Harvard Kennedy School
  59. 60. 59. Natasha Murtaza, Pakistan, Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
  60. Zainab Hashmi, Karachi, Pakistan, Harvard Law School
  61. Izzah Ejaz, Pakistan, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  62. Wahdana Bilal, Peshawar, Harvard Law School
  63. Saki Malose, India, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  64. Murali Mallikarjunan, India, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  65. Karishma Mhapadi, India, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  66. Prasanth Nori, India, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  67. Maithili Parikh, India, Harvard Law School
  68. Hamza Ansari, Canadian Pakistani, Harvard
  69. Hemanth Bharatha Chakravarthy, Chennai, India, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  70. Preeti Sahai, India, MC MPA, Harvard Kennedy School
  71. Jyoti Gupta, New Delhi, Harvard Kennedy School
  72. Shreyvardhan Sharma, India, Harvard College, Class of 2022
  73. Natasha Jehangir Khan, Pakistan, Harvard Kennedy School
  74. Zuneera Shah, Lahore, Harvard College
  75. Farhan Javed, Pakistan, Harvard College Class of 2019
  76. Ali Chisti, MD, MPH, Pakistan, Harvard School of Public Health 2014
  77. Malik Siraj Akbar, Pakistan, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  78. Mashaal Sohail, Karachi, Pakistan, Harvard GSAS/HMS Alum ’18
  79. Huma, Islamabad, Harvard Kennedy School
  80. Omair Shakil, Lahore, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
  81. M Chanta Bhan, Pakistan/US, Harvard Divinity School
  82. Thomas Varghese, Kochi, India, Harvard Divinity School
  83. Abhijith Ravinutala, Indian-American, Harvard Divinity School MTS ’19
  84. Akbar Zaman Saeed, Pakistan, Harvard University
  85. Arkam Javed, Pakistan, Harvard College
  86. Tanvi Girotra, India, Harvard Kennedy School
  87. Sakina Haider, Pakistan, Harvard Kennedy School
  88. Kanupriya, India, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  89. Sardar Karim, Pakistan, Harvard Kennedy School
  90. Minahil Khan, Lahore, Pakistan, Harvard College 2019
  91. Snigdha Kumar, India, Harvard Kennedy School
  92. Harvard US-India Initiative, India, Harvard College
  93. Awais Ahmed, Pakistan, Harvard Medical School
  94. Beena Sarwar, Pakistan, Nieman ’06, Carr Fellow Harvard Kennedy School 2007
  95. Sana Rao, Karachi, Pakistan, Harvard Business Publications
  96. Sannoy Das, India, SJD, Harvard Law School
  97. Maria Qazi, Islamabad, Harvard Kennedy School
  98. Rohit Gawande, USA/India, Harvard Kennedy School
  99. Raissa Chughtai, Lahore, Pakistan, Harvard College
  100. Anum Chandani, Pakistan, Harvard Business School
  101. Maya Razmi, Cleveland, Ohio, Harvard College
  102. Ay-Nur Najm, U.S./Pakistan, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  103. Abeela Latif, Pakistan, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  104. Dilara Sayeed, Chicago, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  105. Hamza Ali Khan, Pakistan, Harvard Business School
  106. Fatima Taj, American Pakistani, Harvard College
  107. Zainab Kahloon, Pakistan, Harvard College 2020
  108. Ali Nomani, Pakistan, Graduate School of Education
  109. Sana Saeed, Pakistan, Harvard Divinity School
  110. Zarka, Pakistan, Harvard Extension School
  111. Gunjan Veda, India, Harvard Kennedy School
  112. Mariam Chughtai, Lahore, Pakistan, Harvard University
  113. Gul Rana, Cambridge, MA, Harvard Extension School
  114. Zeerak Ahmed, Lahore, Alumnus & Researcher, Harvard School of Engineering &

Applied Sciences, Harvard Graduate School of Design

  1. Sheza Atiq, Karachi, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  2. Ryan Madsen, United States, Harvard Kennedy School
  3. Sonya Kalara, Bengal, Punjab, India, Harvard College
  4. Omar Sultan Haque, M.D., Ph.D., United States, Harvard Medical School
  5. Malik Siraj Akbar, Washington DC, Harvard Kennedy School
  6. Rangin Pallav Tripathy, India, Visiting Researcher, Harvard Law School
  7. Fatima Zaman, Pakistan, Harvard Medical School
  8. Inaara Shiraz, Pakistan, Harvard College
  9. Akash Sabarwal, Jhansi, India, Division of Nephrology, Harvard Medical School
  10. Armaan Siddiqi, Cambridge, MA, PhD Student, Harvard University
  11. Rashi Khilnani, Canada, Harvard Kennedy School
  12. Mohammed Mobashir, Pakistan, Harvard Extension School
  13. Muhammad Zia Mehmood, Pakistan, Harvard Kennedy School
  14. Muhammad Umair Khan, Pakistan, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  15. Anurag Gamber, Delhi, Harvard Kennedy School
  16. Emaad Siddiqui, United Kingdom, Harvard Kennedy School
  17. Asma Javaid, Pakistan, Harvard University
  18. RB, Chennai, Harvard Extension School
  19. Anum Shafqat, Chicago, Harvard College
  20. Aaisha Shah, Pakistan, Harvard College
  21. Jemul Hasan, Bangaldesh, Harvard Kennedy School
  22. Irfan Moeen Khan, Pakistan, Harvard Faculty of Arts
  23. Harshita Gupta, Mumbai, India, Harvard College
  24. Maria Mujeeb, Pakistan, Harvard University, Alum 2017
  25. Wajahat S. Khan, Pakistan, Shorenstein Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School, 2011
  26. Meena Hewett, Mumbai, India, The Mittal South Asia Institute
  27. Yahya Chaudhry, Pakistan, Harvard Kennedy School

2 thoughts on “Indian, Pakistani students and staff at Harvard demand peace

  1. Vijeta Mukerjee

    I would like to contribute to bringing together Pakistan and India. How can I participate in peace creating efforts. I live in Toronto, Canada and Iam a Canadian of Indian origin.

    1. Beena sarwar

      Dear Vijeta Mukherjee, thank you for your message. Happy to have you onboard. One way you can participate is to follow our FB page and Twitter account, join our FB group and suggest ways forward. Links to all these are in the website. Thank you.


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