Indian students find new families in Pakistan

Indian students find new families in Pakistan
Sachi Bhutani,Karan Raghav,Tanima Narang,Bhavya Mahajan

Indian students share views about their recent visit to Pakistan as part of the Rotary-Aman ki Asha exchange programme

Visiting Pakistan was a very enriching and learning experience for me. The visit really helped me to form an extremely positive image of the country and helped me realise how similar the two countries are and that should absolutely live in harmony like they deserve to. Prejudices really have no place in today’s world.

The people I met were incredibly warm and welcoming and I’m really glad that I was able to visit Pakistan, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a perfect experience and I will carry the sweet memories with me forever. It was really hard to say goodbye after such a wonderful experience. Loved it.

I have been extremely fortunate to visit one of the most beautiful and hospitable countries of the world. These were the most fascinating days of my life. Every single person that I met was very optimistic about India and Indians. I am indebted to my Pakistani friends for telling me the real story of Pakistan.

I have realised how similar our neighbours are to us. Honestly speaking I felt more at home than I may find myself in my own country. I can never forget how loving my hosts were to me; not just the affluent ones but also the ordinary people on the streets. Karachi has been a great city; clean, spacious and lively.

Thank you Pakistan, and thank you Rotary for gifting me this lifetime opportunity.

I said on my first day in Pakistan, I am an ambassador of love and peace from India. I came here to understand why the differences between the two countries existed even though people from both sides have wanted to establish peace for the last 60 years or so. After meeting many people, attending many meetings, we came to know a lot about this country that we didn’t know before.

And the people were so amazingly sweet; we were always welcomed very warmly. They didn’t let me feel uncomfortable at all. I stayed with four different host families, and found new family with each of them. They treated me just like their own daughter. I found many similarities between the two countries. The people, the history, the language, the food, the homes and many other things were common. I made many friends here, and as far as we’re concerned, there are no borders or barriers for us.

I’ve gained a great experience from this trip. I am now back in India and am trying to change any perspectives of people that don’t match the truth about Pakistan and am urging them too to visit this country with proof of my first-hand experience. It was one of my best trips ever, and the friends I’ve made will remain for life.

Karachi did feel a little different from New Delhi, because of less traffic, the way people dress and the beach. People whom I was a little scared to meet are now a part of my life and I consider them as a part of my family. My parents were a little afraid to send me to Pakistan because of the security issues but I guess no parent needs to worry now as I am back in Delhi without even a scratch on my body. People will continue to say whatever they want to without experiencing it for themselves.

According to me every one should drop whatever misconceptions they have and draw their own picture, no matter what others say or think. People back in Karachi treated us like family and never even gave us a minute to think that we didn’t belong to Pakistan.

Physically, I am back in New Delhi but my mind is still in Karachi. I wish I could have stay for a little longer. But never mind, I’ll be back soon, not to attend a million Rotary meetings but to meet and stay with the family I have there. Loved Karachi and its people.

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