Kashmir: Dialogue is the only way forward

Kashmir: Dialogue is the only way forward

Members of the Aman ki Asha Facebook group initiated the following statement that was posted on the Aman ki Asha Facebook page on August 12. Endorsements received until

August 15, 2016, are included in the signatories’ list below.

This statement pertains to India-administered Kashmir, as an area that is a source of the dispute between the two countries where violence is devastating lives, although there are other conflict areas within both countries too.

The undersigned agree that:

  1. There is no violent solution to Kashmir. It has to be based on dialogue and reconciliation.
  2. The Indian government must replace its current methods of dealing with dissent and develop a sensible non-lethal method of managing the situation. Pellet guns must be immediately shelved.
  3. Stone pelters must replace their methods with non-violent ones.
  4. The intimidation of the moderates in the region must stop.
  5. Kashmiris of all shades must be made a party to the peace process and peace dialogue so that the two governments get a perspective of people as well.
  6. Peace mongers in India, Pakistan and Kashmir need to sit together and explore a possibility of a joint stand and policy on Kashmir.
  7. The governments must facilitate dialogue between Kashmiris of all shades.
  8. The governments of India and Pakistan must restart the Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue, with a plan on how and at what stage Kashmiri leadership of all shades would be made part of the dialogue. Rather than starting afresh, the discussion on resolution of Kashmir should start from where the Manmohan Singh and Musharraf government left it back in 2007.
  9. Sports, art, music and people-to-people contacts must be allowed without any hindrance.


  1. Samir Gupta
  2. Saeed Ahmed Rid
  3. Ruchhita Kazaria
  4. Anita Dixit
  5. Beena Sarwar
  6. Sheema Kermani
  7. Zohra Yusuf
  8. Aliya Harir
  9. Aman Alam
  10. Bhatta Som
  11. Devika Mittal
  12. Kami Kidwai
  13. Ilmana Fasih
  14. Konchadi Vasanth Pai
  15. Malik Omaid
  16. Ruchira Gupta
  17. Mayur Indi
  18. Urooj Murtaza
  19. Neelam KG
  20. Parshu Narayan
  21. Ravi Kallianpur
  22. Reema Amin
  23. Sehyr Mirza
  24. Siddharth Manu
  25. Yasmeen Kazi
  26. Mohammed Layeeque: I endorse..to achieve peace in the area, be it India or Pakistan side Kashmir …and solution between India and Pakistan.
  27. Aashish K Mishra
  28. Mamta Rohra
  29. Sheharyar Rizwan
  30. Devang Shah
  31. Pt Kuldeep Vyas: Lawyer, Jaipur; I endorse the statement
  32. Amna Buttar
  33. Saad Nagi: Measured in language, but explicit in purpose — I fully support this. Everyone who supports peace must rally behind such efforts. The bloodshed must end; far too many lives have been lost, and opportunities wasted
  34. Gopal Jain
  35. Umer Ali
  36. Rahul Ghosh: I endorse. New Delhi
  37. Syeda Jasmine Jaffer
  38. Dr. Preeti Gupta
  39. Arman Haque: Thank you for bringing up this initiative. Don’t know how far an impact it will have. But every small step towards peace is a significant one. I support the cause
  40. Haresh Jiwnani
  41. Farheen Ghori
  42. Amrieeta Arun
  43. Ijlal Haider: Endorsed by a common Pakistani dreaming for peace
  44. Jasveen Mintu: I am always wth peace steps..
  45. Abdul Jabbar Malik
  46. Shabnam M Khan
  47. Nasima Kareem
  48. Fatima Harris
  49. Mona Kazim Shah
  50. Waqas Ali Muluk
  51. Ambika Bhargava: Here for peace and love
  52. Sanna Ejaz
  53. Farooq Ishraq
  54. Rabia Adeel: Dialogue plz . agreed 200 %
  55. Sarah Ashraf
  56. Aasif Abdullah
  57. Usman Zia
  58. Razin Karu
  59. Baaz Singh Sandhu
  60. Aga Syed Muntazir Mehdi
  61. Md Aammar Zaki
  62. Sushma Sureka
  63. Syed Rubaid Ahmad
  64. Muzammil Syed
  65. Ghulam Ali Murtaza
  66. Ahsan Arshad
  67. Ali Shahbaz
  68. Babar Saleem
  69. Ravi Kumar Singh
  70. Atif Siddiqui
  71. Muzamil Tahir
  72. Prabhu De A
  73. Sadaf Aijaz
  74. Zebaish SK: With you
  75. Ken Shulman
  76. Zareen
  77. Musharraf W Baba
  78. Maria Nadeem
  79. Mohsin Ali
  80. Zabeeh Memon
  81. Shabbir Ahmed
  82. Sehrish Khan
  83. Kishwar Sultana
  84. Asif Shah
  85. Namra Naysr
  86. Afzal Rahim Khan Yousafzai
  87. Mahe Tayyibah Munir: Pakistan and India should negotiate with each other and emancipate Kashmir as an independent state. This would not only pave peaceful ways among Pakistan and India but also allow Kashmir to prosper more.
  88. Harmeet Singh Walia
  89. Shreya Prakash Agarwal
  90. Ajay Garodia
  91. Amit Modi
  92. Fawzia Halim Rahman: I endorse it fully,i prefer a friend rather than an enemy at my door.Kashmir should not hold the peace between two nations to ransom and become the bain of our friendship.It should be and can be amicably resolved by both the countries through dialogue,where there is a will there is a way. Jai Hind
  93. Sanjay Raj Lanka
  94. Nikunj Saraogi
  95. Kamran Ali Ahmed: Endorsed. Let’s give peace a chance. Let’s try our luck with love. Cheers to all those who believe that ‘dialogue’ is the way forward! 🙂
  96. Umair Ahmad
  97. Altaf Qadir
  98. Mohsin Hassan Akhtar
  99. Ras Siddiqui
  100. Sharif Awan
  101. Sheeba Hamid
  102. Irfan Ali Mirza
  103. Samina Noman
  104. Gautam Arora
  105. Aman Sheikh
  106. Swati Sharan
  107. Saleem Basha
  108. Nasreen Khan
  109. Rubayat Kadir
  110. Muhammad Uzair Khan
  111. Azhar Siddiqui
  112. Md Ikhlas
  113. Safia Bokhari
  114. Mazhar Malik
  115. Syed Irtiza Haider
  116. Aabida Ali
  117. Shahzad Zaffar
  118. Ibrahim Sajid Malick
  119. Zeeshan Majid
  120. Shabbir Hasan
  121. Raees Zaidi
  122. Raja Satti
  123. Silvy Hamid
  124. Shilpa Mundra Baheti
  125. Sabiha Yasmin
  126. Muhammad Nazim
  127. Shahid Ahmed Khan
  128. Varsha Agarwala
  129. Shweta Raval Sharma
  130. Waqar Haider
  131. Dr. Fuad Halim
  132. Saira Shah Halim
  133. Manzar Jameel
  134. Sanjay Agarwal
  135. Payel Banerjee, Bangalore
  136. Madan Chawla: Always for peace. Count me in.
  137. Vikas Azad: i like the methods to bring peace in kashmir n support it
  138. Umair Ahmad
  139. Altaf Qadir
  140. Mohsin M. Siddique
  141. Ras Siddiqui
  142. Shahba Subzposh
  143. Faiyaz Ahmad Khan
  144. Sharif Awan: I support the initiative.
  145. Sheeba Hamid
  146. Rafia Arshad: endorsed strongly
  147. Mirza Irfan Ali
  148. Neha Gusain
  149. DrShaikh Mohammad Tarique
  150. Nouman Sheriff
  151. Farook Chomasa
  152. Numair A. Abbasi
  153. Sarah Kirmani: I totally endorse this.
  154. Syeda Shiwal Raza.
  155. Zunaira Qayum Ali
  156. Sarah Awan
  157. Sheikh Muhammad Farjad
  158. Yashwanth Gadiyar: Eh Aman ki Bhasha hai
  159. Shahab UR Rahman
  160. Naeem Ahmed Bajwa
  161. Urwah Sultana



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