Mika Singh: Keeping the people dancing

Mika Singh: Keeping the people dancing
Love across borders: Mika Singh with Pakistani fans in Houston

By Raja Zahid A. Khanzada

“There is no difference between the people of Pakistan and India. It is our politicians who keep us divided,” says popular Indian singer and performer Mika Singh, talking to Geo News/Jang recently in Houston.

When he gets love from Pakistanis, it makes him feel particularly happy, like during his concerts in Dallas and Houston, he said. He also received unforgettable love from people in Pakistan when he travelled the country without any bodyguard.

“I love Pakistan and will visit anytime I get a chance. I love Pakistani fans,” he added. “Pakistani music is the best, especially Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.”

Pakistanis who stay with him while visiting India include the famous singers Ghulam Ali, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Javed Basheer, he said. “I enjoy Pakistanis staying with me in India” he added, extending an invitation to us as well.

His message, he added, is for people to maintain our relations of love. “My message is not even necessary as I have seen the affection between our people. Our language and culture, even our images are the same. The divisions are solely created by politicians.” He said he will continue to work for the peace, friendship and love between Indians and Pakistanis. “I would like to keep the people dancing in my world tour.”

The concert promoter and CEO Radio Hum Tum Radio Rehan Siddiqui said that such events bring people closer, and are important to promote harmony and peace. When the Pakistani and Indian anthems were played during the concert in Houston, people from both countries stood in respect, he pointed out.

The writer is a correspondent in Dallas, TX, for daily Jang/News

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