Sunday, December 18… Just 30 seconds of your time, where ever in the world you are!

On December 18, take out just thirty seconds to Pray for Peace Between India and Pakistan. The prayer can take any form you choose.

Some expressions of support for this initiative include:

The Pentecostal Church in Bihar and Jharkhand, with a membership of 20-30,000 people has pledged to participate.

The Lahore School of Economics is providing a free space for students and their friends to gather and pray for peace on Dec 18.

“On behalf of Pakistan Youth Alliance and Khudi Pakistan, I express full endorsement for the initiative” – Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi, Chair & Founder Pakistan Youth Alliance, a youth based not-for-profit

organisation and Central Executive Committee Khudi Pakistan, a counter-extremism initiative.

“We have different groups in Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Jhang, Gojra and Toba Tek Singh. The areas have Christian & Muslim population. We are organising programmes with both communities on December 18, 2011”

– Ashfaq Fateh, Toba Tek Singh

Those who are not participating through an organised group are of course also welcome to join.

Five ideas to share and work on:

1 – Make and display a sign in different languages saying “Pray for Peace Day! Pray for 30 seconds for peace between India and Pakistan”.

2 – Tell ten people you know about this initiative – family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, anyone.

3 – Do fun things like make mock coffins or toilets out of chart paper or cardboard to show where you think the issue of hostile Indo-Pak relations is or should be, ie. bad relations should be flushed down the toilet or buried for good.

 4 – On Dec 18 or before that as part of awareness raising, include a yoga or pranayam section. For those looking for a bit of guidance on basic yoga postures you can try with the crowd, email a request for this to: swati sharan

5 – Talk to NGOS, teachers, parents and get children to do arts and crafts to show their support. They might like to do drawings or origami of a dove or whatever. Any kind of creative expression is welcome.

See article by Swati Sharan on Why India and Pakistan need Peace, introducing the idea of Pray for Peace Day, published in Aman ki Asha on Sept 7, 2011.

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