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“I love Pakistan. I have never visited Pakistan. I am an Indian.

My ancestors don’t belong to Pakistan nor do I have any other biological connection with the country. But I don’t need any reason to love this country, which for me is very much a part of India as much India is a part of Pakistan.

I simply fail to understand that how, after living together for centuries, can a division of sixty years make us any different? I wonder WHAT is different between us? The eyes with which we see the world? The heart which also beats for love? We are complete fools to give in to wars and hate-propaganda.

Specially us, our generation. We may have grown up watching Kargil and Parliament attacks, but isn’t it our serious responsibility towards our individual nations to make sure we don’t fall into this never-ending trap and ruin our future? So that another 26/11 doesn’t take place and God forbid if at all that happens then we don’t end up digging our own graves!

Thanks to the Internet, I made my first online friend from Pakistan and it turned out to be a life long friendship, which I cherish till date.

During the international film festival organized by my college in Delhi University, the first two winners were Pakistani students. That gave me new friends who have always stood by me. They never fail to call me on my birthday even if I don’t. From friendships till breakups we have given each other shoulders to cry on and will forever carry on to do so.

During my documentary, I interviewed two Pakistani brothers who instantly made us part of their families. When the elder brother was leaving India, I tied him a ‘rakhi’, an Indian tradition that sisters do for brothers and I became his Baji (elder sister). No amount of hatred or war can change our relationship, come what may.

During my graduation, a group of Kinnaird College students from Lahore visited us. After the general introduction, a girl rushed and hugged me like we are sisters. It was five years back and I never met those girls again but I am proud to be their friends till date. Thanks to social networking, am part of their love for Bollywood, their weddings and everything else like real-time friends. Even if our countries impose VISA restrictions, nothing can stop me from wishing them on Eid or them sending me Diwali greetings.

Amit Kaur,
Delhi, India”

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