‘We are one, just separated by borders’

“Having lived in India all my life, I had never met Pakistanis before coming to Hong Kong University.

The idea of meeting people from across the border, affected by stereotypical assumptions, seemed a bit surreal. My experience here completely changed my perspective on Pakistan and its people.

Even though I live in a city that was formerly ruled by Nizams and thus has a rich Muslim culture, and one of my closest friends is a Muslim from Lucknow, I sometimes found myself making subliminal distinctions between “Muslims” and “Pakistanis” with the latter all being an extremist version of the former.

Making Pakistani friends has helped me grow immensely as a person. I’ve gone from being oblivious about the similarity between Pakistan and India’s culture to being sure of the fact that we are one, just separated by borders. I can now be proud of the fact that I’ve not only discarded all the stereotypes, but also been a part of the Aman ki Asha and Romancing the Border initiative.

Kaanhari Singh,
New Delhi, India”

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