Imagine the heavenly smell of stable peace

“Pakistan and India must focus on culture exchange initiatives, especially for the youth, who play an instrumental role in every culture.Aman ki Asha is the bedrock to go ahead with the peace process, no matter what the obstacles.

The South Asian University in New Delhi is an excellent venture that can be used for cultural exchange and to open doors. India should provide space to the youth of Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) through special reserved quotas in SAU.

As nuclear-armed nations, both countries need to recognise that the path of all-out warfare is closed. We must engage with each other in positive ways. “Culture exchange” is a way to absorb knowledge while leaving a deep sense of culture sensitivity and acceptance.

War kills humanism and divides humans who are all one nation. Now, it’s time to sit close beside each other, one to one, and feel the pleasant smell of unstable peace while imagining the heavenly smell of stable peace.

My slogans:

“Just Do The Job For Humanity”
“Get Peace Of Mind From Community”

Fahim Ullah Khan,
Chairman, Tribal Youth Parliament (TYP),
North Waziristan Agency, FATA,Pakistan.

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