Pak-Bharat dosti zindabad!

“The word India floods my mind with the images of exquisitely crafted moortis, picturesque Hindu temples, exotic Indian cuisine, the great Ganges and most essentially, the Indian television soaps imbibed with glamour, pillared by the high pitched background music featuring loud music (what we call ‘dhazun dhazun’). India is a neighbour with whom we share a long history: a history that is painted in the dark colours of enmity – but also shades of goodwill.

The efforts of people on both sides endeavouring to wash off the stains of bitterness are now bearing fruit, especially when it comes to cooperation by both countries in the field of media. In the present scenario both states can bridge the existing chasm by working on shared similarities instead of crying over the differences. Things like shared heritage and similar languages can provide basis for cooperation in different realms.

If such attempts to ease the tension between the two ends are sincerely carried out, then the two countries can truly complement each other. This will not only help the two neighbours to tie strings of friendship and will also prove beneficial for the growth of various industries; consequently the economies of the two states will flourish and so will Indo-Pak relations. Pak-Bharat dosti zindabad!

Ahmad Mumtaz

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