Hi I am Anisha,
From Bangalore
I believe in Romancing The India-Pakistan Border

‘We can change this thinking’

I have friends telling me ‘Stay away from the Pakistanis in HKU (Hong Kong University). Don’t get too close’. This stereotypical thought process that so many people have and young minds believe in baffles me. It is very unfortunate, that young people who have the power to eventually change the world don’t have the facts right and have a very tinted view. I have personally interacted with Pakistanis who are probably some of the best people I’ve spoken to. If Romancing The Border and Aman ki Asha can grow, we can change this thinking. Make a difference. I hope to contribute in a small way. Whatever it takes. Indians NEED to understand that all Pakistanis are NOT terrorists or are in any way harming us.

Those who harbour negative thoughts about our friends across the border need to realise that we were once living together, and it was a great time for us. People who think that Pakistanis are in any way bad for the Indian society need to be more open. Pakistanis have a rich culture and a great heritage, just like Indians. We are in no way different!

I hope that someday, the majority of the populations of these two countries will believe in Romancing the Indo-Pak border!

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