Chilling in Khan Market, Delhi, with Indian friends Senbagam and Sahil

‘India felt like home to me’

We have been brought up thinking that India is the enemy. This is also the case in India. For me, it all changed when I landed in the UK for further studies. The first friend I made was an Indian, the sweetest girl from Chennai who treated me like her own sister. She s a Tamil and speaks no Hindi, but I never felt any differences between us. The Indians I came across in that year were the kindest, nicest people I met. The only thing we argued about was cricket but the war would end as soon as the game did.

I visited India recently to see my friends. They made an effort to join me in Delhi during my short trip. I found Delhi to be a more developed version of Lahore. India felt like home to me. My grandparents had migrated to Lahore from India but I d never thought I d ever visit the places that I ve heard about since childhood, because of this border between us. Thanks to my Indian friends and their hospitality for making this dream come true.

As educated adults we must make every effort to support friendship between India and Pakistan. Aman ki Asha is an incredible step to erase the misunderstandings, boundaries and hatred built up by our politicians.

Quratulain Ansari, Lahore

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